Granada, Spain

IAHR World Congress, 2022

From Snow to Sea

19-24 June 2022

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Deadline for abstracts submission extended

Given the success of the first call for contributions, 1119 abstracts received so far, the organisation has decided to extend the deadline until 15 October.

“From Snow to Sea” will be the focus of the 39th IAHR World Congress, to be held from 19 to 24 June 2022 in Granada, Spain. Scientists, engineers, organisations, central and local authorities, companies, and young professionals from all over the world will meet, share, and discuss recent advances, experiences, and innovative and emerging trends.

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IAHR 2022 brochure is now available

You can download the official IAHR 2022 brochure. Click here.


Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

The IAHR 2021 Sponsorship and Exhibition prospectus is now available! You can download it here

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Granada Conference Center

The 2021 congress venue signs an agreement to become a sustainable building with zero emissions. Click here.


Abstracts submission open

Submit your abstract before 1 October 2020 at 23:59h (UTC +1). Click here.


Kick-off meeting of the National Organising Committee (NOC) 

A kick-off meeting of the National Organising Committee (NOC) took place on 2 July 2020. Organised and coordinated by the Spanish parties of the World Congress, the NOC provides national level oversight to the Congress and mobilises Spanish and related stakeholders, activities and finances to ensure a successful Congress. Currently more than 30 members are taking part in it!

Detailed information on this committee can be found at:


Call for special sessions now open 

The IAHR World Congress has opened the call for proposals for special sessions. Sessions dedicated to outstanding topics that complement the 8 main themes of the Congress are welcome. Proposals may include multidisciplinary topics that bring together different views of the current knowledge of the hydrological cycle and its management. Integration of aspects of engineering, ecology, biogeochemistry, computer science, health and culture is encouraged. Proposals for special sessions (e.g.) on specific state-of-the-art methodologies with high potential for application to a variety of problems are also welcome, as are proposals dedicated to analysing the current environmental status of prototype study areas from which lessons to apply to other environments may be drawn.

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Eight Themes in the IAHR World Congress to go From Snow to Sea

The IAHR World Congress will focus on the importance of integrated and intelligent approaches to the management of the full water cycle, specifically From the Snow to the Sea, to tackle the global challenges we all are facing. This aim will be addressed throughout 8 specific themes. Check them out here!


More than one hundred  worldwide experts have joined the International Scientific Committee (ISC) 

The IAHR World Congress is supported by an International Scientific Committee (ISC) composed of more than one hundred well-known experts in a broad range of topics in the field of hydro-environmental issues. The ISC advises and supports the scientific and technical coordination of the Congress.

Detailed information on this committee can be found at:


Kick-off meeting of the International Steering Group (ISG) 

A kick-off meeting of the International Steering Group (ISG) took place on 13 March 2020. The ISG is the ultimate decision-making entity for the Congress; it plays a role in advising on and facilitating engagement with external organisations, individuals, events, processes and initiatives. The next meeting of the ISG is planned for the first week of July 2020.

Detailed information on this committee can be found at:


From Snow to Sea (S2S): Aims of the 39th IAHR World Congress 

Under the unifying theme From Snow to Sea, the 39th IAHR World Congress will focus on the importance of an integrated and intelligent approach to the management of the full water cycle to address the global challenges faced by people and the environment.

From Snow to Sea highlights IAHR’s commitment to the critical role that a sound understanding of the water cycle plays in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set in 2015 by the United Nations, not the least of which is the connection between the ocean goal (SDG 14) and the water goal (SDG 6) in addressing land-based activities affecting the sea.

From Snow to Sea will also call attention to the importance of taking a holistic approach in water management, an approach that emphasizes the value of basic knowledge and modeling in understanding the processes that impact water use and management.

For further details and updated information, please visit the Congress website: